A Magazine created from and for Drag Queens or those who are interested in this great art. The art form not only deals with the imitation of an imaginary identity and its performance but is also about self-esteem, aesthetics and criticism of constructed gender identities. As you can see Drag is everything but superficial. It also starts to become more and more popular. I think Drag Queens and their art should be recognized. Considering these thoughts I decided to create a fictional magazine using interesting articles and photos I found on the internet during research. Because Drag is no longer just a performance but both social and political criticism. It offers creativity and artistic expression and deals with the question of reality.

I wanted the magazine to become a piece of art itself related to the Drag Queens. A combination of Trash, High Fashion, comedy and satire. It is supposed to give an insight in the world of Drag Queens and to raise awareness of their fight for equal rights regardless of gender. So I chose a playful and fancy design which is over the top and clean at the same time. The use of bright colors, illustrations and extraordinary photos is essential for the magazine which is based on the Drag Queen’s world; there are no limits or adaptations.

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